Jennifer J. Sosnowski

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Scottsdale, 85255
(480) 588-7787
Very thorough consultation and I learned a lot. I would still like to further discuss the issue of water filtration if possible.I was a bit surprised by the two $100 lab evaluation charges as that has always been included with my office visits in the past.I am confident that Dr. Jenn will get to the bottom of my health issues and I am looking forward to finally feeling well again! - K.P
Dr.Jenn works hard on finding ways to make you better. No matter what you have, she always finds some way to treat you. She genuinely cares for you and your well being!!! - Shae Couch
Dr. Jenn listens better than any doctor I’ve had. She pays attention to every detail, and pieces things together that other doctors don’t see. She spent over two hours with me at my first appointment. - Caroline Varie
Dr. Sosnowski and her team members were extremely courteous and professional throughout today's visit. I will continue to highly recommend MVP Medical Care to others. - Jason Bressler
I was greeted quickly and in a very friendly way. Vitals were gathered quickly and professionally and also in a friendly way. This was a visit to establish Dr. Sosnowski as my PCP. I was only kept waiting a few minutes for the doctor and her interview was very professional, sensitive and complete. I really appreciate the time she takes with her patients. There is never a feeling that I didn't get enough time. I have known Dr. Sosnowski for some time as a result of taking a good friend of mine to see her, so I had a pretty good idea what the experience would be like.That night, I had an accident that resulted in injury. When I called the next day, I was in to see the doctor the same day. Actually within a couple hours. The situation was once again handled in a friendly, efficient, professional way from the front door all the way thru treatment back to the front door. I go back tomorrow for my followup and know that my experience will be just like the last 2, and all the ones I've been in with my friend.Dr. Sosnowski is very highly recommended and I should have started seeing her a long time ago. I believe had I done that, I'd have saved myself a lot of frustration with other doctors I've seen. I'd give her more stars if I could. - T.C
I had a good experience. Now the work begins!!Thank youKaren - K.E
Dr Jenn is wonderful. She gets to the root of the problem rather than putting a band aid on things. - D.Z
All I can say is THANK YOU! I am not comfortable at "The Dr.'s Office" but I can honestly say in a 2 hour visit, I was more than comfortable. I was treated with love and compassion and felt like a family member visiting rather than a subject/patient/number. I feel grateful to have found my new partner in healthy living, especially after a 12 year span of avoiding visits to the Dr. and ignoring my health concerns. - D.C
Dr. Jennifer Sosnowski has been nothing short of a blessing and a help to me. I started seeing her in April after 3 months of no answers from general medicine and doctors throwing in the towel with respect to helping me figure out why I was very ill. Jennifer takes all the time she needs with you - you never feel rushed. She consults with you without any pressure - she shares information and her ideas about what to do next and lets you decide what you want to do. She is extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of things and will explain things to you (since most reading this are not educated in medicine). She will use anything and everything to figure out what is going on - she continuously researches, presents you with information, and shares what she thinks can help you. Besides my faith, Jennifer and her staff gave me hope when I had very little and felt horrible - they are like a family working together with you to help you get back to health and even excel beyond your old standard of health (since most of us are not as healthy as we might like to think). I would recommend anyone give her a fair try and see what she can do for you, especially if you are not getting answers anywhere else. She is worth every penny and all of the time I have spent with her, and she is unlike any other doctor I have ever used. - A.T
Dr. Jenn has been my primary care provider for over a year now. It was fun on my most recent visit to see how the practice has grown . . . the new facility, additional staff members, & exciting short- and long-term plans! With Dr. Jenn & her staff, I feel I truly matter - I'm not just a number. Having to wait a few minutes or more to see her is well worth it. Knowing that she's taking her time with each patient & that you will receive the same attention is worth it. I'm healthier now than I have been in ages but we still have some work to do. I appreciate that Dr. Jenn is a good listener; does a lot of research (& isn't afraid to change her mind on topics); is willing to help me work within our financial parameters & personal beliefs; asks me to help make the treatment decisions; looks at my whole lifestyle; thinks outside of the box; encourages & seems to appreciate it when I do research too; & has great communication in between visits. Need I go on? I just wish she wasn't two hours away! - B.S
Dr. Jen has gone above and beyond to help track down some very specific symptoms to get me on the top step of the podium. I have been to 3 different doctors usually resulting in the same blanket answer, whereas Dr. Jen has put her full effort forward in tracking down issues. Whether you are a professional athlete or just wanting to live a healthy life, DR. Jen can help. - M.G
Dr. Sosnowski is unlike any other doctor I have ever worked with. She sits with you to fully understand what is going on and to build a plan of attack. She takes the time to research on her own and make recommendations each visit, with no pressure to take them but with thoughtful presentation. She greatly cares about her patients and getting them back to healthy (or at least in much better shape then they were in when they first came to her). Her office is clean and inviting and the staff are friendly and helpful - it feels like a family taking care of you. She and her staff return your calls or emails promptly, and follow up with other providers quickly as well. I have every confidence in her and her team to support me in my current medical journey, and to consult with me about the next steps that might be most beneficial for me. - A.T
Dr. Jenn is very thorough and wants to get to the root of the problem so you can have vitality again. - E.H
Every time I have seen Dr. Sosnowski she has been very attentive and listens to exactly what I am conveying about my condition. Her assessment and tests have revealed more about my condition than most doctors in the past 3 years. Her empathy and skill is second to none in my opinion. I look forward to another visit! Derek Leger - D.L
The care and treatment I received from Dr. Sosnowski was truely a life changing experience. Her insight and understanding of the body as a holistic system enabled her to pinpoint the root causes of my symptoms which allowed me to finely feel like the person I knew I could be. After 15 years of unsuccessful consultations with numerous other physicians and practitioners I had all but given up hope and began to accept my condition as untreatable. I can't say enough how grateful I am to Jennifer and her staff for bringing me back to life. - S.W
I have been seeing Dr. Sosnowski for five months, she is professional and thorough. She looks for the root of your health problems instead of treating the symptoms. The staff is wonderful. - J.L
I love coming to see Dr. Jenn! I'm uncomfortable going to hospitals and doctors offices, and I'm totally at ease at MVP. Everyone is super nice and friendly, and I know that I am getting quality care. - E.A
I had an incredibly positive experience with Dr. Jenn and her staff at MVP Medical. I spoke with two or three other concierge medical services in the valley, but immediately felt the difference when I spoke with Melanne on the phone the first time. She was very kind and explained everything (including costs), which I appreciated greatly. They were able to get me in relatively quickly, which was a plus. Dr. Jenn spent so much time with me, and really listened to me when I talked about my symptoms. Most other doctors I have seen in the past for some of these ongoing issues were dismissive, or gave me some really broad response without clarification (diet and exercise, antibiotics, etc). Dr. Jenn affirmed much of what I have suspected for many years about my health. It was very reassuring to hear from a professional that there are solutions for my symptoms, and that I can live a much more enjoyable life. Dr. Jenn is very kind and funny; it is clear that she is extremely intelligent. She is direct, yet empathetic. She definitely made me feel comfortable during our two-hour visit! Melanne is quite possibly the nicest medical staff person I have ever met. She is so friendly and relatable, and made me feel welcome and comfortable. Larry was also extremely kind, and although I know he manages the office, he felt like a friendly visitor (rather than a manager). I'm also obsessed with the office dogs. :)I would recommend, without reservations, Dr. Jenn to anyone who is looking for a practitioner that can address health issues holistically and integrate traditional medicine with natural approaches. If you are looking for a doctor that will spend time with you, listen to your concerns, and explore options with you, this is what you need! - L.H
Dr Jenn goes above and beyond. She is ahead of the status qup and our family trusts her with out care! - C.A
Dr Sosnowski is the best doctor that I have teamed up with regarding my health issues. Her approach to the problem is what makes her stand apart from the rest of the MDs that have treated me in the past. She approaches me with a root cause analysis, rather than throwing pills at me to treat just the symptoms. Many of us have issues that can be corrected from the bottom up, rather than just taking care of the symptoms, and ridding us of the problems for the long run. I have been very ill at times (bed ridden) and have lost the things important to me, such as my thriving career and my long term relationship. I have been dealing with this for 15 years, and Dr Sosnowski has definitely changed my situation. It is still not solved, but I do have periods of feeling better. This will be a long process, but I believe in her. Her follow up is very good, and she is a doctor who definitely cares about her patients. She also believes in her patients. In my experience if you "look" ok from the outside, many doctors dismiss you. She listens, and does in office simple testing to "prove" you are organic, which impressed me right off the bat. Some things she has done "in office" to determine my level of disability have never been done over the past 15 years. She also always tries to give you hope, which at times is all you can hold on to. - L.B
My visit was for my annual physical and a follow-up from an auto accident. It is amazing the difference in the time and detail of my physical compared to physicians that I have seen in the past. I never feel that she is rushing to get to the next patient. Dr. Sosnowski is knowledgeable, caring and detailed. The staff reflects who philosophy. I live part time in Arizona and Colorado. Dr. Sosnowski is my primary physician. Her practice should be a model for all physicians and patients. - J.F
Had blood drawn. Everything went well. - D.K
DrJenn has always been very thorough and detailed at office calls. I enjoy being a patient at MVP Medical Care. - B.P
Dr Sosnowski and her staff are attentive and listen well while finding solutions for the patient. Visits to Dr. Sosnowski are the polar opposite to the "I have 10 minutes to hear you, throw a Rx at you and be on to my next patient. Dr Sosnowski got to the root of my problem(s) and helped me by not only solving my problem but taking the time to educate me and give me real world tips to not only get healthy but stay healthy. Dr Sosnowski was available to me by phone, email and in person as I was working towards better health. She shared helpful information all along the road. I write this review from a seaside vacation with my grandkids, a vacation I thought I'd never take again because of extreme fatigue. I spent yesterday dunking them in the ocean and collecting shells on a long walk along the beach. I owe my recovery to Dr Sosnowski's out of the box thinking and ability to keep it real when helping her patients manage their road to wellness. Dr Sosnowski's dedication to her patients is unheard of in today's health care model. It's obvious how much she cares from the first visit. Her office staff are phenomenal as well. - P.H
Dr. Jenn is by far the best G.P., sports medicine, diet, and family physician we have ever had. She is extremely knowledgeable, considerate, and attentive. She listens to us and to our complaints and problems, instead of sitting with her attention glued to the computer. She follows up on advice and treatments as necessary. We have complete confidence in her. She and her staff are all most welcoming and friendly. It is a joy to visit her. - G.P
Dr. Sosnowski is extremely thorough and attentive and is available whenever you may need treatment (unlike most practitioners) which is extremely valuable! I feel she treats the "whole self" and tries to explore every avenue to ensure that her patients are well. She genuinely cares for her patients - I couldn't ask for a better physician! - W.T
First time I have hope of getting better. Still need more info on leaky gut. Dr Jen really listens. I like that she isn't a pill pusher. She didn't rush us at all. Even answered my husbands questions. I believe what she says. - Betsy Burlin
She always takes the time necessary to address my concerns! - R.S
Dr. Jenn is an outstanding physician who puts patients first. She took all the time necessary (over 2 hrs) during our first visit, and plenty of time during follow-up appointments. At no time did I feel rushed. She's does not put on airs and lays out her diagnosis and plan in a straightforward fashion. Dr. Jenn brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge to bear, combines the best of both conventional and integrative medicine paradigms, and develops a personalized approach for my specific needs. I saw almost immediate results, and within 3 months lost tremendous weight, turned my crappy labs into shining examples of health, and regained my energy and vitality. Thank you Dr. Jenn! - L.R
This was my first visit with Dr. Sosnowski and it was the most thorough physical I have ever had. My appointment was scheduled to be two hours so that we could go through all my medical history and have a physical exam. It was so nice to be able to have someone really listen to you and answer your questions. Dr. Sosnowski was knowledgeable and thorough. I left with a few things to implement now while we have lab work done (also very thorough and extensive) and a plan to move forward towards good health. - J.L
Dr. Sosnowski is an incredibly kind and understand doctor. She makes sure you are comfortable when you are in her office, and is extremely descriptive when it comes to updating you on what actions she is taking as far as your health. She genuinely cares for her patients health and is constantly expanding her knowledge with seminars, books, and research. She has helped me treat my Lyme Disease when all other doctors gave up on me. I trust her with my life. Dr. Jen is so so sooooo worth seeing for any problems you may have!!! She WILL find a way to help you. She is one of the hardest working people I know. Last thing, she is there for you. She is easy to reach and get ahold of, which is hard to say for most doctors.The office staff is nothing short of amazing as well. I honestly feel that they have become family to me. - S.C
Dr. Sosnowski had planned to spend 2 hours with me and it went way beyond that. She is very good at teasing out details from your past that may have relevance in your current health. She is quite a detective! Her entire staff is also kind and caring. I really feel like, after just this first visit that I have found someone who will partner with me to help me achieve my optimal health, and won't do it by throwing prescriptions at me. My health is already much better after the few changes I have made at her suggestion, and I look forward to my follow up where I will no doubt get a road map of more positive changes. I could not be happier! - E.G
i appreciated the time the doctor took to understand my issues and the effort to develop a treatment plan. I also appreciated the time taken to explain everything and the research performed to determine needed tests. The meeting left me with a hopeful feeling and the possibility to getting better. I also liked the treatment I received and I responded well to it. - R.G
Always the BEST! - M.H
Dr. Sosnowski is very detailed and thorough and took time to address all of my concerns. I appreciate her taking the time to find the root of the problem to prevent it rather than just treating it! Thank you! - W.T
Dr. Sosnowsky, a Funcational Medicine Board Certified physician did a very thorough examination. We discussed my conditions in detail and she came up with a plan on how to treat it. So far I am very pleased with the plan and the results and very glad that a Functional Medicine physician is in charge of my care. - D.K
Dr Sosnowski is the best functional medical doctor I've ever seen.Her attention to detail and the fact she is available to answer any question plus her professionalism are some the many reasons I see her.Thank you Dr Jenn! - L.B
Dr. Sosnowski has one of the best bedside manner's I've ever experienced. She actually listens to you and provides solutions to help you feel better. I am so grateful I was referred to her. In just a short amount of time, (3 weeks) I am FINALLY beginning to feel better. It has been a battle with my thyroid for years and this is the first time in over a year I have energy again, sleeping through the night, and was able to go to the gym 5 days in a row. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doctor who cares and really listens to your issues to make you feel better. - H.W
Dr. Sosnowski is an outstanding practitioner who is a credit to her profession. She is caring, thoughtful and very comprehensive in her approach to medicine, utilizing every bit of knowledge she has to make you the best you can be. She is always continuing to study and stay on top of the latest research to treat you. She always makes time to listen to you and comprehend your special needs and formulates a plan of treatment specifically for you. - C.W
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Sosnowski. If you want a warm friendly knowledgeable doctor who treats the whole person and not just the symptoms, who is available practically 24/7 and offers a first time appointment of 2 hours then look no further! I cannot recommend her highly enough, after just one appointment you will see what I mean! - S.P
I've been a patient of Dr. Jenn's for more than a year. She is great to work with . . . I feel that she listens well, is patient and is willing to work within my parameters (diet, finances, etc). Dr. Jenn is flexible with her time and orders, according to what the patient needs. Responding in a timely manner is important to me and she always comes through. She encourages patients to learn and share information with her and is willing to try new remedies. Dr. Jenn communicates via e-mail, phone, and office visits. Finding a functional medicine doctor was crucial for me. I am grateful to have Dr. Jenn on my medical team as we continue to work on my many medical issues. - B.S
Unfortunately, I was born with crappy genes. Fortunately, I became a patient of Dr. Jennifer Sosnowski about 4 years ago and she has helped me (more like bent over backwards for me) understand my body and the way it works. She really listens and explains things so thoroughly that I can understand. She has uncovered the mysteries of why I feel the way I do and has helped me to heal. When I arrive at her office, I'm not nervous. Everyone there just makes you feel at ease. What I love most about her is she looks at the whole body, not just the symptoms and treats you accordingly, many times with natural supplements and recommended lifestyle changes. She takes her time getting to know you, inside and out. I really do trust her with my life. I really do trust her with my life! - T.B
I feel like my first visit with Dr. Sosnowski was an incredible experience. She is very approachable and friendly. She investigated my medical history and continuously found links between different historical and current health issues. I loved her ability to educate me and teach me about things I can do immediately as well as gathering facts to create a long term plan for improved wellness. She listens, shares and guides and I feel like she will be a perfect fit for my health goals. I can't wait to feel the improvement as I follow her treatment recommendations. - M.H
I'm glad I found Dr Sosnowski, she was able to find some health issues that other doctors couldn't find using her different approaches. She took her time to listen to my health issues and I NEVER felt rushed like I did with other doctors. She's very knowledgeable and always willing to work with you, I would highly recommend her. - C.C
My experience with Dr Jenn was amazing. Our initial appointment lasted 2.5 hours and she completed an extensive health history. She took a great amount of time to understand my ailments and listened to my concerns. Additionally, she completely explained functional medicine and how it is different than traditional medicine. She brings a great amount of experience as a traditional primary care provider in her new capacity as a functional medicine doc. At the end of the appointment, she put me on an eating plan that was very easy for me to follow. No calorie counting or weighing food and very few rules. She also was very confident that after 30 days my blood work (cholesterol, glucose etc) would all be in the normal range.............something that I have NEVER experienced. After 30 days, I did in fact experience the best results ever and were in the normal range with one exception which I hope to meet this month. At our follow up visit, Dr Jenn put a plan together to address the other concerns we uncovered at our first meeting. All in all, I am completely sold on functional medicine, and Dr Jenn, as a different and better healthcare experience than I have experienced in the past. If you are frustrated with your current health care experience or are looking for a way to improve your health, I highly recommend Dr. Jenn and functional medicine! - J.M
My overall experience was great! Dr. Sosnowski took the time to thoroughly go through my medical history, my family medical history, and what I was eating on a daily basis. Prior to seeing Dr. Sosnowski, I had been in eight ERs and seen five other doctors in a two month period and was still not feeling well. During the appointment she also obtained biopsy results from another doctor I had seen feeling it was necessary to review all medical results to date. Dr. Sosnowski is very down to earth and easy to talk to! I am hopeful that she can help me figure out what is medically going on with my body! - C.V
Dr Sosnowski and her team restore your faith in health care. 'Care' is the operative word. She and her team truly care about the patients. This practice is the antithesis of the productivity based, 15 mins per patient and who cares how long the patient waits model. Not only is Dr Sosnowski an outstanding Practictioner she hand picks staff that share her 'care' factor. Dr Sosnowski helped me when others had no explanation for my symptoms never mind developing a treatment plan for me. You'll never go back to being treated like a number. - M.H
Dr. Sosnowski was extremely helpful and went through all of my results throughly. She answered all of my questions and is a great detective, trying to figure out what might be the problem and how to fix it. I highly recommend anyone go to her, especially if they are having issues that are not being addressed through traditional methods. - E.A
Dr. Sosnowski is a phenomenal doctor and brilliant diagnostician. She'll spend whatever time is necessary to get to the bottom of any problems I present, and goes the extra mile for follow-up. Her concierge service is second to none, and once you've experienced it you won't go back to conventional medical practices. Dr. Sosnowski doesn't affect airs or put up staff barriers -it's like having a doctor in the family. Do yourself a favor and schedule with Dr.,Sosnowski-don't waste your time with anyone else. - L.R
Dr Sosnowski has been right there for me! Answering my multiple texts of questions and concerns immediately. Getting me in to the office, even on on off day. So far, it's been very promising and I am finding hope where there once was none. - Maria.M
Dr. Jenn has been very interested in not only my medical records but getting to know me as a person. The time she spends is like no other doctor I have ever gone to. Meaning she truly shows she cares about helping me on my journey to optimal wellness. I have never had to wait at her office to be taken care of. Her standards of doing business from 1-10 is a 10. This also goes for the entire staff. Thank you Dr. Jenn for being smart and caring.. - P.L.
My experience has been great. I came to Dr. Jenn with a difficult condition that I had seen many specialists for. Those specialists did not have answers or a path to health for me. misseDr. Jenn took the time to get a super complete picture or me, my history, my lifestyle and my health. She did testing that others had not done and we found things to work on. I am still a patient of Dr. Jenn and am happy with improvements to my health. The atmosphere is very enjoyable at MVP. The small group of providers are both informal andnprofessional. - M.A
Dr S is awesome! She treats me like an individual and doesn't just use a checklist. - Melanne.L